Joe is a unique combination of creative, detail-oriented, personable, and self-motivated. I had the pleasure of managing Joe in a marketing role at a quickly growing commercial real estate firm. He treated every assigned project, regardless of scope, as a unique challenge and an opportunity to demonstrate his skill set and eye for design. Joe’s personality and talents would be an asset to any team.
— Craig Hurvitz, Director of Marketing at Epic Realty Partners
Ridiculously talented is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Joe. I had the pleasure of working closely with Joe for over a year and as a creative and marketing director, he has shown me how to concept and execute campaigns flawlessly with little resources or time. I am so impressed with his ability to take on the vast amount of projects that came our way with full confidence in his ability to make each one important and perfect. But what I love most about Joe is that he makes everyone laugh the entire day. He’s an amazing designer, and an even better person!
— Nicole Weathers, Social Media Director at SDMD
Joe provided great insight on how to utilize marketing techniques for recruitment in clinical research. Since marketing for clinical research is highly sensitive and requires input from multiple sources (e.g. sponsors, review boards, principal investigators) it is a process that involves creativity within the boundaries of specific design and information. Joe was great at being the point-man for this, he was able to use his background as a graphic designer and marketing manager to create clear and eye-catching ads that were able to disseminate the proper information while gaining the attention of the appropriate study populations we were targeting. Joe is a great team leader for any design project, and his eye for detail ensures work that is well executed and interesting.
— Katherine Cho, Research Coordinator at DeNova Research
Joe is a great guy and a highly skilled marketing professional. He’s a talented graphic artist and a creative, out-of-the-box thinker. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joe on a number of marketing initiatives and he has my full endorsement. He brings great ideas to the table and he knows how to make things happen!
— Terri Wojak, Education Director at True U
Joe is a tremendous creative talent. He designed the logo for my first start-up company, The Edible Complex, which was very well-received. When I began thinking about a new start-up, The Bootleg Bâtard, Joe was one of the first people I thought of to help get things off the ground. Joe is very professional and a joy to work with. He immediately understood my needs and gave me some great ideas on how I could position my new company. We worked together to develop a strong logo and brand identity. I receive complements on our logo, packaging and other branding materials on a daily basis. I can’t say enough good things about him and his abilities.
— Chef Melina Kelson, Co-Founder of The Bootleg Bâtard
I have known Joe since he was about 10 years old. He and my son were & still are great friends. It was apparent very early on just how artistic Joe was. Twenty years later, it’s no surprise that he has blossomed into a gifted graphic artist. Joe has helped me numerous times with logos, business cards, letterhead and Powerpoint presentations. Every time I’ve enlisted his help, Joe’s work has exceeded my expectations.
— Cheryl Berrington, Owner of The Berrington Group
Joe has been a great asset to our company. He has helped re-brand a number of our clients with some great original logos. Joe has also designed some wonderful marketing collateral for our clients. His work has allowed us to expand the array of creative services we offer. You could say Joe is our secret weapon.
— Fred Goldsmith, President of AuSmith Group & Letters Ink